सनातन धर्म भूमिका

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भीमसेन hi



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Bhimasena or Bhima was the second of the Pandava born to Kunti, the first wife of Pandu. Pandu was cursed not to touch any ladies, so as agreed by Pandu, Kunti chanted the sacred mantra received from Sage Durvasa to attract Lord Vayu and become pregnant by the great Lord. After the education under Dronacharya, Bhima underwent higher training in club-war under Balarama, brother of Sri Krishna. Bhima was one of the greatest fighters of his time. He protected his brothers and country by his great strength which is equivalent to many elephants. During the Great War Pandava side depended mainly on Bhima and Arjuna. The Kauravas hated him bitterly for his strength and tried to kill him. Bhima killed all the 100 Kauravas in the Mahabharata War.

Bhima had a son named Sutasoma by Pancali. Gatolkacha is his son in his wife Hindumbi.

Genealogy. From Visnu were descended in the following order Brahma -Atri – Candra - Budha - Pururavas - Ayus - Nahusa - Yayati - Puru - Janamejaya - Pracinva- Pravira - Namasyu - Vltabhaya - Sundu - Bahuvidha - Samyati - Rahovadi - Raudrasva - Matinara - Santurodha- Dusyanta – Bharata – Suhotra - Suhota – Gala - Gardda - Suketu-Brhatksetra - Hasti - Ajamidha - Rksa – Samvarana - Kuru- Jahnu - Suratha-Viduratha – Sarvabhauma - Jayatsena- Ravyaya – Bhavuka - Cakroddhata - Devatithi - Rksa – Bhima – Pratipa – Santanu - Vicitravirya – Pandu - Bhima.


Vayu is a Vedic god


The Kauravas and the Pandavas spent their childhood in Hastinapura Palace. Dronacarya taught them fighting with weapons. As children the Kauravas and the Pandavas often engaged themselves in games. In all such games Bhima used to defeat the Kauravas, and to this fact the unending hatred of the Kauravas towards Bhima owed its origin. Once they administered poison to Bhima who fell down unconscious, and then they threw him into the depths of the river Ganga. Going deeper and deeper in the waters Bhima, at last, reached the Nagaloka, where the nagas (serpents) bit him which neutralized the effects of the poison in his body. There he got acquainted with a naga called Aryaka, who introduced him to Vasuki. Vasuki give him a divine drink, which would give the user of it the strength of thousand elephants. Bhima drank at one draught eight pot full of that divine drink, and thus became tremendously strong. He stayed Nagaloka for eight days so that the drink might be thoroughly assimilated, and on the ninth day he returned to his mother and brothers who were anxious of him.

After the narrow escape from the Lac palace presented by Duryodhana, Kunti and four of her sons ran for their life; they crossed many villages and got tired by the exertions of the travel and were forced to sit down for rest on the way. Bhima, continued the journey carrying the mother and his four brothers on his shoulders. With their entry into Hidimba forest they felt safe from the spies of Duryodhana and took rest. Kunti devi and four sons slept under the shade of a tree at dusk, and Bhima kept guard over them. There dwelt in the forest a Rakshasa called Hidimba with his sister, Hidimbi. Hidimba found the group and deputed Hidimbi to bring Bhima over to him for his meal. Hidimbi approached Bhima, whose fine figure kindled feelings of love in her. She desired to have him as husband spoke to him with soft words. Hidimbi having not returned even after a long time Hidimba went over to the spot, and there finding Hidimbi flirting with Bhima, he got terribly angry against Hidimbi. In the fight that followed Bhima killed Hidimba. Hindimbi expressed her love for Bhima and desire to marry him. On the suggestion of Kunti, whose heart melted at the sight of Hidimbi's helplessness Bhima took her as his wife. Accordingly Bhima and Hidimbi spent one year, and to them was born a son called Ghatotkaca. Promising that he shall return when wanted, Ghatotkaca with his mother went into the forest. The Pandavas also left the village for living in incognito which was also a condition set in the dice game.

Jarasandha, who was then King of Magadha has a personal vengeance against Krishna and because of that he lead his army against Krishna eighteen times and got defeated. Yet he did not yield, and at last Krishna decided to do away with him. Krishna, Arjuna and Bhima, in disguise, set out for Magadha. They entered Jarasandha's palace and challenged him to a duel with any one of them. Jarasandha chose Bhima and they clashed, and at the instance of Krishna, Bhima tore the latter into two and threw him on the ground.

Duryodhana participated in the Rajasuya Yajna conducted by Yudhisthira and when the yajna was over he invited Yudhishthira to Hastinapura to play dice. In the game of dice thus played between Dharmaputra and Duryodhana, the Pandavas lost everything. The Kauravas brought Pancali into the assembly hall and attempted to strip her naked in public. Bhima who got enraged at this shouted against Yudhisthira but Arjuna pacified and cooled him. Bhima took then and there the terrible pledge that he would, with his hands stained by blood from the chest of Dussasana, who tried to rip Pancall naked, tie up Pancall's hair which got untied in the scuffle. He also swore that he would break the thigh of Duryodhana who tapped his naked thigh and encouraged Dussasana. Bhima also took the vow that he will kill all the Kauravas.

Bhima always cared Panchali and protected her from people like Kirmira, Kicaka . Bhima once went to fetch Saugandhika flower and meeting Hanuman is a funny story in Mahabharata.

Bhimasena assuming the name Vallava (Valala) spend his time in Virata’s palace during the period of the life incognito. Here he killed Jimuta and Kicaka.

Bhima always hated Karna, but when he came to know that Karna was in fact his elder brother he scolded Kunti and cursed entire womanhood not to keep secrets.

After entrusting matters of administration of the country to Pariksit the Pandavas set out on their great journey. Yudhisthira walking in the front, they started for Kailasa. During the course of their journey Pancali, Sahadeva, Nakula and Arjuna one after the other fell down dead. Bhima asked Yudhisthira the reason for the deaths and he was given suitable answers by the latter. At last when Bhima too was about to fall down and die he asked the reason thereof, and Yudhisthira replied that Bhima's over-eating was the reason. Afterwards when Dharmaputra entered Heaven he found his brothers had already got seats there.

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