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A famous King of the Solar dynasty. Janamejaya was the son of Parlksit by his wife Madravati. Vapustama, daughter of Suvarnavarman, King of Kasi was Janamejaya's wife. Two sons, Satanika and Sankukarna were born to them. Janamejaya had three brothers called Srutasena, Ugrasena and Bhimasena.

Janamejaya had two sons, Candrapida and Suryapida by his wife Kasya. Hundred sons, experts in archery, were born to Candrapida. The eldest of them, Satyakarna, ruled the country after Janamejaya. Satyakarna had a son called Svetakarna to whom was born a son called Ajapnrsva by his wife Yadavl, the daughter of Sucaru


Janamejaya's father, Parlksit ruled the country in a very efficiently and to the satisfaction of all citizens. Once, while hunting in the forest Parikshit became very tired and thirsty. While searching for water he came across a Sage named Samika and asked him for some water. Samika being deep in meditation did not hear the King's request. But, the King mistaking the sage just pretent to avoid him threw in anger a dead snake round his neck and went away. But, within seven days of the incident Pariksit was bitten to death by Taksaka, king of the Nagas according to the curse pronounced on him by Gavijata, son of sage Samika.

Janamejaya was just an infant when his father dide of snake bitting. In the course of a talk one day sage Uttanka detailed to him the circumstances of his father's death. Only then did he understand the actual cause of Pariksit's death, and the information kindled in him intense feelings of revenge not only against serpents but also against the whole serpent dynasty. Janamejaya sought the advice of priests and Rtviks as to how best revenge could be taken against the serpents, and they advised him to perform the great Yajna called Sarpasatra. And, accordingly all necessary arrangements for the Satra were made and, the Sarpasatra began. And this created a burning sensation in the hearts of serpents. They began, one after another to come and fall into the fire. All varieties of serpents got consumed by the fire thus. Taksaka who killed parikshit alone did not come. Fear-stricken he had taken refuge under the throne of Indra. As the Chanting of mantra intensified the throne of Indra began to shake. By the time Astika, the son ofJaratkaru had arrived at the Yajna sala and advised good sense to Janamejaya. Janamejaya did not agreed with the sage first, but latter stopped the yajna and saved the remaining snakes.

Janamejaya once performed a yajna at Kuruksetra. While the yajna was progressing, a dog (son of Saram'a the dog of the Devas) came there. The three brothers of Janamejaya beat the dog which returned to its mother, Sarama, crying. Sarama in deep anguish, went to Kuruksetra and questioned Janamejaya and cursed him that he would be subjected to adrstaphala (unforeseen results). This curse upset Janamejaya so much that after the yajna he searched for a competent purohita to redeem him from his sins. At last he found Somaxravas, son of the great sage Srutasravas to help him free from curse.

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