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Pancali, the wife of Pandava is one of the ideal women hood. She was also called Draupati. Pancali is a main character in Mahabharata. She was the common wife of Pandavas and she followed them in their good and bad days. The insult she suffered as striping of her dress in the court of Kaurava was one of the major reasons for Mahabharata war. Being a wife of five brothers is not very common in those ages, but it was not considered unethical. She stayed with one of her husband for one whole year and gave the other the chance in the successive years in turn. She had five sons one each from her five husbands. Her real name was Krishna, meaning black. So, many argue that Pancali was a beautiful girl in black complexion.

Geneology: Puru - Janamejaya – Pracinvan – Pravira – Namasyu – Vitabhaya – Sundu – Bahuvidha – Sarhyati - Rahovadi – Raudrasva - Matinara - Santurodha - Dushyanta – Bharata - Suhotra – Suhota – Gala – Garda - Suketu - Brhatksatra - Hasti – Ajamidha – Hasti – Nila - Santi – Susanti – Puruja - Arka - Bharmyasva – PancalaMudgalaDivodasa – Mitrayu - Prsata - Sudasa - Sahadeva – Somaka – Drupada - Pancali

Pancali had five sons one each from each of the five husbands. She got Prativindhya of Yudhisthira, Srutasoma of Bhimasena, Srutakirti of Arjuna, Satanlka of Nakula and Srutakarma of Sahadeva


Birth: Drupada once did not cared his classmate Drona when asked for some material benefit and for that Drona felt ashamed. After educating Kauravas and Pandavas Drona asked his students defeat Drupata as Gurudakshina. Pandavas were successful in this mission. Drupata thus lost half of the land to Drona and felt insulted. To avenge the insult Drupata performed a Yajna with Yaja and Upayaja as head priests. While Yaja was offering oblations to the sacrificial fire a boy with a crown on his head and bearing a sword and a bow in his hands rose from the fire. A divine voice is then heard telling that, that boy would kill Drona. Then from the dais of the Yaga-fire emerged a beautiful lady of dazzling brilliance. Immediately a voice was again heard, that the girl will be instrumental in the mission of boy and that she will cause terror to the Kauravas. Yaja himself named the boy Dhrstadyumna and the girl according to the ethereal voice, Krsna. Krsna was dark in complexion. Krsna was called Parsati because she was the grand-daughter of Prsata and Draupadi because she was the daughter of Drupada and Pancali because she was the daughter of the King of Pancala.

Marriage: After escaping from the lac palace the Pandavas reached a village named Ekacakra after walking a long time through the forests. There they stayed in a Brahmin's house. Every morning they would go in disguise for begging and return with the alms in the evening. This was their daily routine and one day while they were in their daily round they saw a group of Brahmins and they said they were going to the Svayamvara of the daughter of the King of Pancala. The Brahmins invited them also to come along with them describing in detail the beauty of the girl and the elaborate and festive arrangements made for the marriage. The Pandavas went to Pancala along with the Brahmins. On the way they met Vedavyasa and receiving blessings from him they went to the capital city of Pancala and took their abode in the house of a potter. Nobody knew who they were. Drupada had placed a mighty steel bow in the marriage hall. When all the distinguished guests were seated in the marriage hall, the King announced that his daughter would be given in marriage to him who bent the steel bow and with it shot a steel arrow, through the central aperture of a revolving disc, at a target placed above. Many valiant princes from all parts of Bharatvarsha including the Kauravas had gathered there. When it was time for the ceremonies to begin Pancali clad in beautiful robes with a bewitching charm which excited the royal assemblage entered the hall with a garland in her hands. Then Dhrstadyumna brother of Pancall said "Hear ye, oh princes, seated in state in this assembly, here is the bow and arrow. He who sends five arrows in succession through the hole in the wheel and unerringly hits the target shall win my sister."

Many noted princes rose one after another and tried in vain to string the bow. It was too heavy and stiff for them. When Karna came up to string the Bow Panchali said she don’t prefer a Sutaputra as husband. Karna felt ashamed. Then Arjuna rose and meditating on Narayana, the Supreme God, strung the bow with ease and hit at the target. Pancali then put the garland on Arjuna's neck and accepting him as her husband went with him and stayed that night at the house of the potter. Drupada that night went to the house of the potter to make enquiries about his daughter and son-in-law. His joy knew no bounds when he knew that his son-in-law was none other than the celebrated Arjuna. The Pandavas then took Pancali to their home in Ekacakra and as soon as Kunti heard the footsteps of her sons outside she said from inside asking them to share that day's alms among themselves little knowing that it was a bride that had been brought by them. Thus Pancali became the common consort of the five Pandavas. Then the marriage of Pancali was ceremoniously conducted after inviting friends and relatives. Drupatha invited them to stay in his palace.


Once Duryodhana challenged Dharmaputra to a game of dice. Dharmaputra lost all and in the end in despair pledged his brothers and Draupadi and lost everybody. Immediately Duryodhana asked Vidura to bring Draupadi to his palace and make her serve as a servant-maid. Vidura did not consent to that. Then Duryodhana sent another messenger. Draupadi went with him to the court of the Kauravas. As soon as Dussasana saw Draupadi he jumped at her and caught hold of her hair and dragged her to the centre of the assembly. When Dussasana dragged her thus she begged not take her to the assembly. Bhima could not hold himself calm against this atrocity any longer and in a roar of wrath he abused Dharmaputra for pledging Pancali thus and losing her. Arjuna however remonstrated gently with Bhima. Then to the consternation of all, Dussasana started his shameful work of pulling at Pancall's robes to strip her of all the clothes. Karna having vengeance against Panchali encouraged Dussassana to behave still more rude way to her. All earthly aid having failed Draupadi in utter helplessness prayed to Sri Krishna. Then a miracle occurred. For every garment Dussasana pulled out, fresh garments were seen to come from somewhere and cover her nudity. Dussasana retired from his work exhausted and disappointed. Then Draupadi took a vow that her hair which was let lose by the wicked Dussasana would be tied properly only by a hand tainted by the blood of Dussasana. The entire court become tense, Bhisma and Dhrtarastra came to the help of Draupati and asked for boon; Draupati requested only her five husbands to be freed and nothing else. But Dritharastra returned everything pledged in dice pay to Dharmaputra and allowed him to go back to Indraprastha. Duryodhana again invited Dharmaputra for a dice play and in that Dharmaputra again met with failure. As per the condition the left the indraprastha to perform 12 year forest life and 1 year life in incognito

After a fierce battle for eighteen days the Kauravas were defeated and their side of Army annihilated. Though Panchali was able to see all her wishes become real, she lost most of her near and dear including her five sons in the war. After the war the Pandavas ruled the country for a quite long period. When they left for Mahaprasthana, Panchali also accompanied them.

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