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Nakula was the fourth of the Pandavas and a son of Madri. He was the most handsome of the Pandavas. Nakula was an expert in Astrology, Metallurgy and Logistics. Dharmagranthi is the Assumed named of Nakula at Virata's court.

Pandu was cursed not to touch any ladies, so as agreed by Pandu, Madri, the second of the two wives of Pandu meditated on the twin gods Asvinidevas, and recited one of the Mantras given to Kunti by the hermit Durvasas and the two sons Nakula and Sahadeva were born to her from those gods. Madri died in the funeral pyre of Pandu and after that Nakula and Sahadeva were under the care of Kunti. Kunti never discriminated Nakula and Sahadeva from her own sons.

Genealogy. From Visnu were descended in the following order Brahma-Atri-Candra-Budha - Pururavas - Ayus - Nahusa - Yayati - Puru - Janamejaya - Pracinva- Pravira - Namasyu - Vltabhaya - Sundu - Bahuvidha - Samyati - Rahovadi - Raudrasva - Matinara - Santurodha- Dusyanta – Bharata – Suhotra - Suhota – Gala - Gardda – Suketu –Brhatksetra - Hasti - Ajamidha - Rksa – Samvarana - Kuru- Jahnu –Suratha - Viduratha – Sarvabhauma – Jayatsena – Ravyaya – Bhavuka - Cakroddhata - Devatithi - Rksa – Bhima – Pratipa – Santanu - Vicitravirya – Pandu - Nakula.


During the exile life, Nakula married Karenumati, the daughter of the King of Cedi. A son named Niramitra was born to the couple.

During the forest life Nakula once went to a lake to fetch water and was killed by Dharmadeva who appeared in the form of a crane. Dharmaputra answered all the question posed by the crane, which was actually Dharmadeva; Dharmadeva appeared before Dharmaputra and requested to chose any one of his brother so that he can bring him to life again. Dharmaputra had chosen Nakula, and to the query as to why not Bhima and Arjuna, Dharmaputra said he want at least one of Madri’s son be alive. Dharmadeva was very much pleased by the noble nature of Dharmaputra and revived the other three brothers.

Salya was brother of Madri and thus the uncle of Nakula. He come with his one Aksauhini strength Army to fight war of Mahabharatha from Pandavas side . But on his way he was given a great welcome, excellent hospitality, which he accepts thinking it being extended by Yudhisthira, but actually the entire arrangements were made by Duryodhana. So, he unwillingly fought on part of Kauravas as he made an unfortunate promise to Duryodhana while accepting the hospitality. His unwillingness was completely displayed by his taunts on Karna as Salya was forced to be Karna’s charioteer(sarathi) to fight Arjun.

During the Bharatha War Nakula killed Citrasena, Satyasena, Susena and the three sons of Karna. Nakula fought fiercely against Dussasana, Vikarna, Sakuni, Duryodhana, Drona, Vrsasena and many other prominent fighters.


After the battle when Yudhisthira performed the horse sacrifice, Nakula and Bhimasena stood as protectors of the city.

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