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Queens of Hastinapura and second wife of King Pandu. She was daughter of Bhagavana, king of Madra and hence the name Madri. Her mother was an Apsara and she was exceptionally beautiful. Two of the Pandavas, Nakula and Sahadeva are her children. Pandu was cursed by a Muni to have his last breath if he meets his wives for a sexual affair. Desires of having children the two queens Kunti and Madri with the permission of Pandu attracted Devas and had children from them. The Mantra that is capable of attracting devas was taught to Madri by Kunti. The Devas attracted by Madri was twin gods Asvini kumaras. So she had two beautiful children from them.


Once, Pandu along with his two wives and five children went to a forest to enjoy the nature. While children are playing in the forest Pandu for some moment forgot about the curse he had and approached his beautiful wife Madri with sexual intention and instantly died. Madri could not control herself and she died by burning in the funeral pyre. Before the death she told to Youdhisthira, who was still a boy that he is now the father of the other four boys.

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