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The five sons of Kuru Vamsa king Pandu, namely: Dharmaputra, Bhimasena, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva are called Pandavas. The first three were born to Kunti, the first wife of Pandu and Nakula and Sahadeva were born to Madri, the second wife of Pandu. All of them obeyed the elder brother and stood as united as they can in their good and bad days. Pandu died while they were very young and Kunti brought them up without discriminating them as her sons and Madri’s son.

Genealogy: Puru - Janamejaya – Pracinvan – Pravira – Namasyu – Vitabhaya – Sundu – Bahuvidha – Sarhyati - Rahovadi – Raudrasva- Matinara - Santurodha - Dushyanta – Bharata - Suhotra – Suhota – Gala – Garda - Suketu - Brhatksatra - Hasti – Ajamidha –Hasti - Sarhvarana - Rksa - Kuru – Jahnu – Suratha -Viduratha – Sarvabhauma – Jayatsena – Ravaya - Bhavuka - Cakroddhata - Devatithi - Rksa - Bhima – Pratici –santanu – Citrangada – Pandu - Pandavas


Pandu did not have any children in his wives Kunti and Madri because of the curse that he should not meet ladies in passion. The couples were desirous of having children thought of a way to have children. Kunti, the first wife of Pandu, told him that she had learned a potent mantra from Durvasas muni at her young age that upon reciting the mantra the God of her choice would manifest himself to her and bless her with a son. Pandu agreed and she invited three gods in succession and three children Dharmaputra, Bhima, and Arjuna was born to her. Kunti taught this mantra to Madri and Madri in her turn invited the twin Aswini Devatas and Nakula and Sahadeva was born to her. The five sons together were called Pandavas.

Once Pandu went to the forest of Satasrnga together with his family to spend the spring time there. The sages residing in that forest conducted the religious initiation ceremony to the children. Pandu died during their stay there. Madri abandoned her life by jumping into her husband's funeral pyre. Before doing so she called Dharmaputra to her side and joining her hands together said "Son, you are now the father to your brothers". Dharmaputra always acted accordingly.

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