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A son of Dhrtarastra and the second of the Kaurava prince. He is an embodiment of evil force of sexual desire. He was a staunch supporter of his brother Duryodhana in all his decision.

For genealogy see : Kauravas


In the game of dice Pandavas lost their kingdom and everything they had to Kauravas. Thus everybody including Draupati became their servant. When Duryodhana ordered to bring Draupati. Dussasana dragged Draupati to the Kaurava Sabha holding her hair and tried to stripe her in the middest of Kaurava sabha. Bhishma, Vidura and all other elders protested, but he did not stop. This attempt was considered as one of the most important incidence that Pandavas can never forget or pardon. Draupati took oath that she will not tie her hair until it is stained with the blood of Dussasana.

While the Pandavas were staying in the Kamyaka forest Duryodhana and others went there on the pretext of looking after the cows. The Gandharvas took them captive; but Arjuna intervened and set them free. Feeling humiliated at the mishap Duryodhana decided to end his life after crowning Dussasana as King. But Dussasana did not agree to the proposal.

Death of Dussasana. In the fierce fight between Bhima and Dussasana at Kuruksetra, Bhima felled him with his club and sat on his chest asking him with which hand of his he pulled DraupadI by hair, Raising his right hand Dussasana cried out. Bhima did not stop but pulled out Dussasana's right hand and thrashed him with it. He cut as under Dussasana's chest and drank the blood which gushed out of it

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