सनातन धर्म भूमिका

Meaning of "Saugandhika"







In General

A flower with good aroma. Pancali once got attracted to this flower and sent her husband Bhima to fetch them.


One day while the Pandavas are in Badarikashram the wind blowing from the northeast dropped near Pancall a Saugandhika flower. Pancali desired to have more and told her husband Bhima to fetch them. Accordingly, Bhima set out in the north-east direction. Bhima travelled a long distance and entered Kadalivana. Hanuman, his skin wrinkled and hair grey due to old age, was living in this forest. Seeing Bhima who came there for silly reason and wasting time Hanuman another Vayuputra decided to teach his younger brother a moral lesson, laid down on the path of Bhima and obstructed the way. Bhima asked the monkey that obstructed his path to give way for him. Hanuman told Bhima that he was too old to move away so Bhima can move his tail and pass him. Accordingly Bhima tried to move the tail of the monkey only to find that his mace was struck in the tail and the monkey was teasing him. Bhima got angry. Hanuman raised his tail with a terrific sound. In the fight that followed, Hanuman defeated Bhima and told him to behave well with the old and the needy. Hanuman, however, congratulated Bhima and directed him on the path to the Saugandhika forest. Bhimasena reached the Saugandhika forest, which was being guarded by the Raksasas called Krodhavasas. Bhima defeated him and returned to Pancali with the flower.

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