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The most celebrated character from Ramayana after Rama and Sita. He was a devotee of Sri Rama and minister of Sugreeva . Hanuman was a good administrator, a very intellectual scholar and had tremendous physical strength. Hanuman is a chiranjeevi, one who lives long (no death)

He was a son of Kesari and Anjana. Anjana was a goddess turned Vanara women. She was blessed by Siva and Vayu and her son Hanuman was born with element of Siva and Vayu


Hanuman’s mother Anjana was a goddess turned Vanara women. When Hanuman was born Anjana was released from the curse, and she wanted to return to heaven. Before leaving she blessed child and advised him to eat ripe fruits which may look like the rising sun. When the mother lift the baby Hanuman thought the glowing Sun was food for him to be eaten, the baby jump at it. And, seeing this attempt of the Vanara kid to reach Svarga, Indra used his vajrayudha against it. The weapon hit the childs chin. Vayu who saw his child falling saved it from further injuries. On the basis of Indra's vajra having made a scar on the child’s hanu (jaw), he was named Hanuman.

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