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Mother of Hanuman , wife of Kesari and daughter of Kunjara. She was a goddess turned to Vanara women because of a curse


IIn her previous birth, Anjana was a goddess named Punjikastala (Managarva). As a result of Brihaspati’s curse, this goddess was born as a Vanara in the Himalaya region. With the birth of Hanuman, the curse was lifted and she returned to svarga

Once, while Siva and Parvati were playing in the guise of monkeys, rambling through the woods, Parvati became pregnant. That pregnancy was given to Vayu. At that time Anjana was doing penance for an issue. Vayu in turn transferred the pregnancy to Anjana. Thus Anjana gave birth to Hanuman

Anjana gave birth to Hanuman in the woods in a valley on the southern side of Mahameru. She was frightened at the sight of the child shining like the sun. Hanuman began to cry for mother's milk. Anjana said to Hanuman : "Vanaras are fond of red ripe fruits. Therefore eat whatever you find in red colour." Saying this Anjana transformed herself into a goddess and went to Svarga

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