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A planet Mercury and Son of Candra. He was an early Chandravamsa King and father of Pururavas.


Tara, the very beautiful wife of Brhaspati, once fell in love with Chandra and started living with him. Brihaspati requested to retun his wife but in vain and again threatened Chandra to return Tara. But Chandra disobeyed his guru, so also Tara did not preferred to go back to her old husband. A terrible war assured with Indra in the side of Brihaspati. Lord Brama intervened and Chandra retuned Tara to Brihaspati. Tara was carrying a child of Chandra when she returned to Brihaspati. A beautiful child called Budha is delivered eventually.

Budha, the prince of Chandravamsa grew up to be a youth. During the period the King Sudyumna one day entered Kumaravana (a forest) and was changed to a woman. When the King became a woman he adopted the name Ila. Budha and Ila fell in love and the son called Pururavas was the son born to them.

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