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In General

Children of Diti by Kashyapa. They are always in fight with their half brothers Devas. They are of course arrogant and people with some bad qualities but not absolutely bad like the concept of Sathan in Abrahamic Religion.

Hostile forces according to Veda.

Asura as a race projected by some western scholars is not true; none of the Hindu texts support this arguments


Rig Veda Samhita do not mean the word Asura for bad people, instead they use the names like Vrtra, Dasyu, Pani which sound the same meaning. They are hostile forces which prevent the spiritual progress. In every good activity huddles come in the way, bad forces represent the same. They are unavoidable and in some instances useful; challenges makes one strong.


The central stories in Purana are about the fight between the good people and Asuras. Ravana, Hiranyakashibu, Hiranyaksha, Tarakasura, Tataka are some of them. Most of the Asuras represent some or other bad qualities. Narakasura was mad about ladies, Ravana spoiled the modesty of ladies, Tataka attacked rishies, Hiranyakashibu was against religious activities, Tarakasura is cruel.

But they are mighty, hard working and brave people. Few of them are good rulers, good devotees and some of them donated properties without reservation to the needy. Prahlada, Bali, are some of the good natured Asuras. By their good deeds and hard Tapa they propitiate Gods, but on receiving the boon they become arrogant and sometimes act against the Gods.

World is a mix of different kinds of people; Asuras are also essential for the dynamic nature of the world.

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