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Jamadagni was a decendant of the sage Bhrigu, a Saptharshi of the present Manvantara and a composer of Vedic hymes. His mother was Sathyavati (Viswamitra's sister) and father Richika. Jamadagni had five children with wife Renuka, the youngest of whom was Parashurama, an Avatara of Lord Vishnu. Jamadagni was later killed by sons of Kshatriya king Kartavirya Arjuna, for a dispute over divine calf Nandini. This was the major reasons for which Parasurama started the mission of eliminating Kshatria race. His five sons are, Rumanwat, Sushena, Vasu, Viswavasu, and Parasurama. Jamadagni’s order of killing his wife Renuka is famous in Purana.


Renuka was a very devoted wife; lead a life of a hermit, similar to that of her husband Jamadagni. The power of her chastity was so strong that she can fetch water from the river in a pot made of unbaked clay on every morning. One day, while she was at the river, a handsome Gandharva happened to be passing by in the sky, in his chariot. Just for one moment her mind lost control and smitten in desire for lust; instantly she lost her radient power of Chastity. The unbaked pot that she was making, fail to hold water further. She lost her confidence. Afraid to go back to her husband, she waited at the river bank. Meanwhile, Jamadagni, who was waiting for fresh water to begin his morning sacrifices, noticed that his wife had not yet returned from the river. By his yogic powers, he understood all that had taken place. Exceedingly angry with his wife, he called his eldest sons, told them what had happened and asked his first son to execute his mother. Horror-stricken, his son refused to perform this deed. Then he called the next son in order of seniority and commanded them do the same. The first four of them refused and Jamdagni turned all them to stone. Then the turn of Parasumara, has come, he obeyed father and beheaded his mother with his axe. Jamadagni was pleased, offered to grant two boons to Parashurama, who at once asked that his mother be restored to life and his brothers to be unturned from stone and accepted into the family again. Impressed by his son's devotion and affection for his family, Jamadagni granted this boon and many others. Parasurama reclaimed Kerala (a province in India) and given out the land to Brahmin, to clear the curse (papa), of killing own mother.

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