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Narakasura was a tyrant ruler of Pragjothishya who took 16000 women as captive


Narakasura, the tyrant ruler of Pragjothishya gained a boon from Brahma that he would die only in the hands of his mother. Confident with the boon, he exhibited all kind of cruelty and destroyed the modesty of women. His mother, the Bhoomi Devi also obtained a boon from Vishnu that her Son should die only when she wishes for. As an unquestionable power, he roamed everywhere, defeated even Lord Indra and abducted 16,000 girls from royal families, Kinnaras and the like. He treated all of them as his slaves and destroyed their modesty. He stole the earrings of Aditi, the mother of Devas.

Upon this the king of the gods Indra requested Sri Krishna for help. Krishna mounted on Garuda along with his wife Satyabhama went to Pragjothishya, fought with Narakasura and defeated him. The 16000 women thus released from captivity returned with them to Dvaraka but society do not accepted them. Krishna then constructed 16000 palaces for them and treated them as royal princesses


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