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The notorious king of Yadava dynasty in Madhurapuri. Believing prophesies and killing infants are the most notorious thing he did. For the prophecies he tried his best to kill Sri Krishna but Sri Krishna and Balabadrarama killed him at their teen age. He was married to Asti and Prapti, the two daughters of Jarasandha . Devaki, the mother of Krishna was his sister.

Geneology: Yadu - Sahasrajit - Satajit - Ekavira (Haihayas) – Dharma - Kani - Bhadrasena - Dhanaka – Krtavirya – Kartaviryaruna – Madhu – Vrsni – Yudhajith – Shini – Satyaka - Satyaki (yuyudhana) – Jaya - Kani – Amrita - Prsni – Citraratha - Kukura- Vahni – Viloman – Kapotaroma - Tumburudundubhi – Daridra - Vasu – Nahuka - AhukaUgrasena - Kamsa


While During the marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki a divine voice from nowhere said that the eighth son of Devaki will kill Kamsa. Annoyed by this prophesy Kamsa at once decided to kill Devaki. Vasudeva pacified her brother and his friend Kamsa telling that as soon as the children are born to Devaki, it will be given to Kamsa to decide its fate. As per the agreement Vasudeva made to Kamsa the first child, Kirtiman was duly handed over to Kamsa. But, Kamsa returned the child to its parents as according to the celestial voice the first-born child was not to be his enemy. Vasudeva and Devaki were happy and they brought it up. Again six more sons were born to the couple. Once Kamsa happen to meet Narada whom he enquired about the celestial voice he had; Narada told to him that Lord is going to take birth as son of Devaki and would finish all the cruel kings on the world. Kamsa again become apprehensive about his death by the hand of Devaki’s son. He snatched power from his father Ugrasena and put him in jail. He don’t want to take any chance so he killed all other seven children of Devaki by dashing its head against a rock and chained Vasudeva and Devaki and put them in jail.

Kamsa made many attempt to kill all the infants everywhere. At last he become apprehensive about Krishna who killed many of the tyrant he let loose to kill infants in the country. He invited Krishna and his brother Balabhadrarama to his court in the pretest of inviting them to a Yajna. Nandagopar and Yasoda was not ready to sent the boys to Madhura. But, as it was a royal order they sent the boys to Madhura with Akrura, the man sent by Kamsa. Kamsa kept a mighty bow at the entrance of the walled city which nobody can lift. Krishna broke the bow. Rama and Krishna continued their walk into the Yajna hall of Kamsa with the broken pieces of the bow he killed the soldiers sent by Kamsa to take him and Rama into custody. They again continued their walk. The sun set, and though they lay down to sleep thoughts about the underhand dealings of Kamsa kept them sleepless.

That night Krsna dreamt many an inauspicious dream. Thevery next morning Kamsa set up an arena for pugilistic combats. Yadava chiefs like Nandagopa, many other important persons in Mathura and Kamsa took their seats on the dais. Famous pugilists like Canura, Mustika, Kuta, Sala and Kosala also entered the scene. Kamsa had stationed a fierce elephant called Kuvalayapida on the way Rama and Krsna had to take to enter the arena for pugilistic competition. The mahout prompted the elephant to catch hold of Krishna, and in the fight that ensued with the animal Krishna killed it and gave one tusk of it to Rama. Krishna beat the mahout also to death with the tusk. After this they entered the scene.

The malla yuddha (pugilistic competition) started. Canura fought against Krishna and Mustika against Rama and both Canura and Mustika were killed. Rama and Krishna killed three other famous pugilists too, who confronted them following the death of Canura and Mustika. Thereupon the remaining pugilists ran away into the forest. Kamsa, burning with anger, jumped up from his seat roaring, "Annihilate the Gopalas, kill Nandgopa, drown Ugrasena, the friend of our enemies, in the Kalindi" etc. Responding to Kamsa's war-cry Sri Krishna jumped into the former's throne and pushed him down. Krishna jumped on to the back of Kamsa and killed him. Balabhadra killed with his iron club the eight brothers of Kamsa who rushed against Krishna. After consoling the women, who lamented over the death of Kamsa and others Sri Krishna got their dead bodies duly cremated. Rama and Krishna released Vasudeva , Devaki and Ugrasena immediately from prison. Ugrasena was crowned King of Mathura.

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