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Diti is the mother of Daityas. She is also called Danu. She is sister of Aditi, the Devamatha and daughter of Daksha Pajapati. The children of Diti is numerous, all of them are negative forces are born to her by her husband Kashyapa. In Purana Diti, wife of Kashyapa is the mother of Asuras, Rakshasas, Danavas.


Diti is opposite of Aditi. Diti is the separating and dualising consciousness. Diti create the duality and thus is the observed side of the infinite consciousness. She is mother of Vritra, Pani, Dasyu


Asuras are descended from Diti. Chief among them were Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa. They had a sister named Simhika. Hiranyakasipu had four sons Anuhlada, Hlada, Prahlada and Samhlada who were famous for their glory and might. Surapadma, Simhavaktra, Tarakasura, Gomukha and Ajamukha were also Dili's sons. Simhika married Vipracitti; Rahu and Kelu were born to them. Asuras are negative forces doesn’t means they don’t have any positive qualities. The name Rakshasa and Danava itself shows that they are protectors and helps the needy.

Once, many of Diti’s son were killed by Devas, so she did tapa to have a son capable of killing Indra. She got boon to have one such son under some strict conditions. But she unknowingly violated the conditions and somehow Indra managed to cut the embryo in her womb. So, when Diti delivered the children they become the supporters of Indra and are called as Maruts.

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