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A mighty warrior King who ruled over the kingdom of Sindhu. He married Dussala the lone daughter of Gandhari and Dritharashtra. He supported Kauravas during the Mahabharatha war. He killed Abhimanyu against all rules of war and for that Arjuna had taken vow to kill him by next day and accordingly he was killed.

Genealogy. Descended from Visnu in the following order : Brahma Atri Candra Budha Pururavas Ayus Nahusa Yayati Puru Janamejaya Pracinvan Pravira Namasyu Vltabhaya Sundu Bahuvidha Sarhyati Rahovadi Raudrasva Matinara Santurodha Dusyanta Bharata Suhotra Suhota Gala Gardda Suketu Brhatksatra Hasti Ajamidha Brhadisu Brhaddhanu Brhatkaya Jayadratha


Jayadratha was born as a result of severe fasts and vows taken by his father. There was an ethereal voice at the birth of Jayadratha, "This child would become a very famous King. The head of him, who puts down the head of this child on the earth would break into a hundred pieces within a moment" His father was filled with joy when he heard this ethereal voice, and so he made Jayadratha King at a very young age and went to Samantapancaka to perform penance.

During the fight Arjuna sent an arrow which cut off the head of Jayadratha and the head fell in the lap of Jayadratha's father who had been sitting in deep penance and meditation in Samantapancaka. Instantly the father awoke from meditation and stood up and the head of his beloved son, with ear-rings on both ears fell on the earth and the head of the father was broken into a hundred pieces and he died.

Jayadratha was present at the svayarhvara of Pancali. He felt very bad when Pandavas in disguise as common citizens won the svayamvara test conducted and subsequently married Panchali. He thus become a bitter enemy of Pandavas. While Pandavas are leading life in exile in Kamyaka forest he approached panchali with an offer to marry her. She turn down the request outrightly. Jayadratha then took away panchali by force. Dhaumya the priest of the Pandavas followed them with tears. Shortly afterwards, Pandavas followed him and defeated his army and took him as a prisoner. Panchali was relised and Jayadratha was released as he was hus band of their sister Dussala.

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