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Sage Agastya composed many verses of Rig Veda. He composed the famous Lalitha Sahasra nama, Siva Samhita. During Sri Rama’s stay at Dandakaranya forest Agastya tought him ‘Aditya Hridayam’, a hymn praising the Sun God written by him. He also contributed to Astrology. Rudra Gita is another famous hymn by him. The Agastya Gita found in Varaha Purana is also by him.

According to Brahmanda Purana he is well versed in all the branches of philosophy. The kind of works attributed to him gives the evidence that he was a versatile genius. Agastya developed the medical discipline called, Sidda Vaidya (Nadi Vaidya), as taught by Lord Subramanya. Agastya is very prominent figure in Tamil literature and culture. He compiled the first work on Tamil grammar called Agasthiyam. Tholkapiyam the famous Tamil grammer book is an improved version of his work and is by his disciple Tolkapiyar. Agastya samhita is another work by him. Garuda Purana gives a detailed study on this text. Agastya Samhita deals with the formation, crystallization and distinctive traits of the different precious gems and its availability in various part of world. It gives details on the cutting, polishing, setting, and appraising, etc., of the several kinds of gems and diamond, as they were practiced in ancient India. Dronacharya and Agnivesh in the list of his students shows, he was good at some technology related to war.

A Murti of Agastya is installed on the hill top of Agastya malai, part of Western Ghats and near Thiruvananthapuram. This place is believed to be his southern hermitage. He was a widely traveled Rishi. Another hermitage of him is believed to be Agastyasrama, east of Nasik. Local myth and stories about him is found in Burma, Malaya, Indonesia, Thailand, Lavos, Cambodia, etc


Agastya is the Rishi of several Rig Veda Mantras (R.V. 1.66 to 191) He is found to be referred as a most revered Rishi in Atherva Veda


Agastya, was born of Gods Mityra and Varuna (while both together had single body), from Urvashi. He ia also said to be son of Sage Pulastya and Havirbhuk. Sage Vasista is his brother. His wife is Lopamudra, daughter of Vidharba King. She was equally a great Sage. Agastya was short in size and is believed to be a Chiranjeevi (one who lives forever). Sons of Agastya and Lopamudra are Bringi, Dridasyu, Achuthan.

He was a devotee of Siva and while doing Tapas in Himalaya, Sri Paramasiva advised him to cross Vindhya Mountain and spread the Vedic teaching to south India. The story of Agastya crossing Vidhya Mountain is told in many Puranas. Another famous stories about him in Mahabharatha is the curse given to King Nahusha and eating of Vatapi, an Asura. After Rama's victory over Ravana, Agastya followed him to Ayodhya and stayed there for few days. He is also found in Bhagavata Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Matsya Purana, Brahma Purana etc.

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