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Meaning of "Vindhya"







In General

A Mountain range in central west region of Indian continent. It is almost parallel to Narmada river which is flow to Arabian sea.


Vindhya was a stumbling block for crossing over to Southern part of Bharat. Story about Agastya crossing Vindhya mountain is famous in Purana. Story goes like this. Once Vindhya made his peaks grow higher and higher till they touched the sky. So even the Sun and the Moon found it difficult to cross. Knowing the difficulty of celestial bodies the Vedic Sage Agastya with his wife Visited Vindhya. Vindhya received the guest with most honorable way. Agastya requested Vindhya to bow down his peak such that he can pass over to south. Vindhya at once agreed and promised that he will do so till Agastya come back. But agastya never came back and thus Vindhya was struck in that position.

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