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Pulastya was one of the saptarishi in the first Manvantara. He was a mind-born sons of Brahma. He was the story teller by which some of the Puranas were communicated to man. He received the Vishnu Purana from Brahma and communicated it to Parashara, who made it known to mankind. He was father of Visravas who was the father of Kubera and Ravana, and all the Rakshasas are supposed to have sprung from him. Pulastya Rishi was married to Havirbhooer, daughter of Kardama Prajapathi. Pulastya Rishi had two sons - Maharshi Agastya and Visravas. Vishravas had two wives: one was Kekasi who gave birth to Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana; and another was Ilavida and had a son named Kuber.


Once, Bhishma did a great tapas at a place called Gangadwar. Being pleased by his austere penance, Lord Brahma instructed Pulastya to go to Gangadwar and bless Bhishma. After reaching there, Pulastya told Bhishma that Lord Brahma was pleased by his penance. 'Ask any boon you wish for' said Pulastya. Bhishma thanked his good fortune of getting a chance to meet Sage Pulastya. He requested Pulastya to reveal how Lord Brahma had created the world. Padmapurana is thus told by Pulastya to Bheeshma.

Pulastya is the story teller to the questions of Narada in Vamanapurana.

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