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Secondary Creation


Primary Creation of Human Being


In the beginning, Brahma made unintentional and casual creations such as Tamas, Moha, Maha Moha, Tamisra and Andha; indeed Brahma was dissatisfied with these and after immense tapasya he created Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanaatana, Sanat Kumara brothers having his own qualities. They were pure ascetics and were not interested in worldly life. On seeing that secondary creation do not happen in spite of his primary creations, Brahma decided to create a set of Manasputras to increase the population. Thus the Prajapatis and 7 Saptharshis were created by his wish. The Satharshis thus created are: Marichi, Angirasa, Pulastya, Pulaha, Rithu, Atri and Vasistha.

All these people were very virtuous, wise and unaffected by worldly desires. They showed their disinclination towards the purpose for which they have been created by Brahma i.e. increasing the population. Brahma became very furious and in his anger he created an entity whose half portion resembled a man's body while the remaining half resembled that of a woman. Brahma instructed that entity to bisect his body into two distinct forms of a man and a woman. The entity followed Brahma's instruction and thus came into existence Swayambhu Manu and Shatrupa. Manu accepted Shatrupa as his wife. Two sons were born to them- Priyavrata and Uttanpada. Apart from these two sons, two daughters were also born to them- Akuti and Prasuti. Priyavrata, Uttanpad became ascetic.

Akuti was married to a Prajapati named Ruchi, while Prasuti married to Daksha. Akuti gave birth to two children- Dakshaina and Yagya. Dakshaina had twelve sons.

Prasuti, the youngest daughter of Shatarupa had begotten twenty four daughters from Daksha. They are Shradha, Shri, Dhriti, Tushti, Pushti, Megha, Kriya, Buddhi, Lajja, Vapu, Siddhi, Keerti, Khyati, Sambhuti, Smriti, Preeti, Kshama, Sannati, Anusuya, Urja, Swaha, Sura, Arani and Swadha. Thirteen of them were married to Dharma, a Prajapati.

Khyati was married to sage Bhrigu while Arani married sage Bhargava. Similarly various sages like Marichi, Angira, Pulastya, Pulaha, Ritu, Atri and Vashishtha got married with Sambhuti, Smriti, Preeti, Kshama, Sannati Anusuya and Urja respectively. Swaha was married to Vibhavasu while Swadha married the Pitrishwaras.

Dharma had begotten all together 15 sons from his thirteen wives- Kama, Darpa, Niyama, Santosh, Alobha, Shrut, Dand, Samay, Bodh, Mahadyuti, Apramadd, Vinay, Vyavasay, Kshem, Sukh and Yash. Kama from Shraddha. Shri gave birth to Darpa, Dhriti and Niyama. Tushti gave birth to Santosh, Pushti to Alobha, Medha to Shrut, Kriya to Dand, Buddhi to Bodh, Lajja to Vinay, Vapu to Vyavasay, Swadha to Kshema, Siddhi to Sukh and Keerti gave birth to Yash. Kama, the son of Dharma was the father of Atihrishta.'

Khyati, wife of sage Bhrigu gave birth to Sri who later became the consort of lord Vishnu. She also had two sons named Dhata and Vidhata.

Sambhuti, wife of sage Marichi gave birth to two sons- Puranama and Marich. She also had four daughters- Tushti, Drishti, Krishi and Apachi.

Kshama, wife of Sage Pulaha had many offspring among whom Kardam and Sahishnu were prominent.

Preeti, wife of Sage Pulastya had two sons named Dattarnavr and Dahvahu. She also had a daughter named Dwashdwati.

Kratu's wife, Sannati had six thousand offspring who became famous as Balkhilyas.

Smriti, wife of Sage Angiras had given birth to five daughters--- Sini, Vali, Kuhu, Raka and Anumati.

Anusuya, wife of Sage Atri had six children-five sons and one daughter. The names of the sons were - Satyanetra, Bhavyamuni, Murtiray, Shanaishchar and Somatha.

Urja, wife of sage Vashishtha gave birth to seven sons- Jyayji, Pundarikaksh, Raj, Suhotra, Bahu, Nishpap, Shravana, Tapasvi and Shukra.

Agni's consort Swaha gave birth to three sons- Pavaman, Pavak and Shuchi.

Sati was a Manasa Putri of Brahma she was handed over to Daksha Prajapati to bring her up, Brahma told Daksha to treat her as his own daughter. Daksha got her married to Rudra. Even earlier in the past at the time of Prathama Sarga itself, Rudra asked Brahma to convert his body into to two parts, viz.Shiva as Artha Naareswara; now Daksha Prajapati only formalised the Union of Shiva and Sati and stated that all total womanhood of the Universe was of the ‘Amsha’ or of similarity to Sati Devi; besides Ekadasha Rudras too were of the Amsha of Shiva-Sati Union.

Himsa- the wife of Adharma gave birth to Anrit and Nikriti. Anrit had two sons---Maya and Narak, while Nikriti had two daughters--Maaya and Vedana.

Maaya married Maya and Mrityu is born, whereas Dukha was born as a result of Narak's marriage with Vedana. Five children were born to Mrityu- Vyadhi, Jara, Shoka, Trishna and Krodha. All of them were very irreligious by nature and they never got an opportunity to get married and have progenies.

Mrityu's wife- Nirriti is also known by the name of Alakshmi. Altogether fourteen sons were born to them. All these fourteen sons of Mrityu dwell in the organs of human beings, during the time of destruction. Out of these fourteen sons, ten dwell in the sense organs of human beings and the eleventh son dwells in the mind. They influence the sense organs and the mind of a man in a negative way by means of attachment and anger. The twelfth son exists in the form of arrogance. The thirteenth son- Apar adversely affects the intelligence of a man. The fourteenth son- Duhsah resides in the house of males. Duhsah is naked, always hungry, his mouth facing downwards and caws like the crow

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