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Earning wealth is a virtue. Money or wealth can solve most of the problems in the world, so money and wealth is a desirable thing in an individual’s life. Artha is not an enemy of spiritual life; some reference like this find in some of the text are to be read in the context it is said. For sanyasins, there are strict rules not to deal with money, but this is not applicable to a common man.

Artha is one of the four Purusharthas. The four Purusharthas: Dharma Artha Kama and Moksha give an inclusive view for the total development of a person. So, Artha is to be earned by following Dharma, the righteousness; Artha is to be utilized for family and society such that Kama, the love affection and respect is achieved. The former three Purusharthas are meant for achieving the final goal of human life, the Moksha

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