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In General

Prajapati is a Vedic God

In Purana, Prajapati is son of Brahma and is the progenitor of all animate and in animate things.


Prajapati is addressed in RV (10.121) and in many other Vedic verses as a Deva

During a debate in Janaka sabha, Saakalya asked: “Who is Prajapati ?”

Yajnavalkya replied (from BrU ): “Prajapati is our conscience. It is the effulgence of sacrifice in our lives”


Brahma had created sixteen Prajapatis, for effecting the creation of the universe. Different text mention slightly different list. Valmiki Ramayana, Aranyakanda, Sarga 14 gives a list of 16 Prajapatis and that is mentioned below.

1) Kardama 2) Vikrita 3) Sesa 4) Samsraya 5) Sthanu 6) Marici 7) Atri 8) Kratu 9 ) Pulastya 10) Angiras 11) Pracetas 12) Pulaha 13) Daksa 14) Vivasvan 15) Aristanemi 16) Kasyapa

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