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Rig Veda is the oldest written document available to mankind. The hymens of the Rig Veda were reveled to around 400 different Rishis (among them 30 were women) over a considerable period of time and were collected later by Veda Vyasa. Rig Veda along with other three Vedas is the most sacred books of Hindus. Vedas is considered as eternal and infallible knowledge. Many of the Hymns of Rig Vedas are still popular and are regularly sung by devotees and priests.


Rig Veda Samhita contains 10,170 Riks (hymns or Mantras). These Riks are logically grouped into Suktas. There are a total of 1028 Suktas. These suktas are contained in 10 Mandalas. South Indian oral Tradition gives a different classification for the same Suktas. The south Indians divide the entire Riks into Astaka (8 division), and further divide into Vargas. So there are 8 divisions each containing 8 chapters totaling 64.

Shakala and Baskala recession are the two survived sakhas (recessions) of Rig Veda. The currently available Rig veda is of Sakala recession; only the Khila verses are not part of it. Another recession called, Asvalayana Samhit is partially available.


Purana are meant to spread the ideas said Vedas to the common people. Purana accept the supreme position of Vedic literature. There are many stories in Puranas that the knowledge said Veda were hidden or not allowed to spread by Asuras in several instances and then recovered by the intervention of Gods.



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