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In General

Raka is the moon goddess, associated with full moon day. Raka is involed in temples along with her sister Sinivali during the ceremonies of installation and consecration.


R.V. (2.32.4) is a hymn for goddess Raka is translated by R L Kashyap as follows:

With perfect laud I invoke Raka who is swift to our call

May she, the felicitous one, hear us and wake us with our self

May shew the work with her sharp and gapless (mind)

May she grant us hero-strengths, the power of word and ability to give in hundreds

T.S.(3.3.11) also got a hymn on Godess Raka


Raka is one of the four daughter of Angirasa, a mindborn son of Brahma. The other three are Anumati, Kuhu and Sinivali. Raka is in white-golden tinges. She wears red garments and has two hands holding flowers and mount on a swan. She is associated with music of lute and flute.

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