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To live in incognito for a year came after 12 year period of life in exile for Pandavas. Pandavas decided to spent that period in the palace of the King Virata. Each assumed a new name and accepted different types of service under the King. Arjuna took the name of Brhannala and served as a dance teacher to the princess


When Kicaka was dead Kauravas found a chance to find Pandavas in Virata’s court. But in spite of their best efforts they cannot trace Pandavas in Virata’s country. So, Kaurava army headed by Duryodhana carried away the cattle of the King Virata so that Pandavas may come up to the help of Virata. The King Virata was absent from the palace at that time and the prince, Uttara, had no the guts to go and attack the Kaurava army. Pancali then suggested sending of Brhannala of the palace (Arjuna) to serve as charioteer of Uttara. Accordingly Brhannala (Arjuna) went with prince Uttara and defeated the Kaurava Army single handedly. When King Virata came to know that the Brhannala was none other than Arjuna, he proposed his daughter, Uttara to Arjuna. Arjuna politely turned down the request as she was his student whom he considered as a daughter. Arjuna then proposed his son Abhimanyu to marry Uttara.

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