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Jaimini was a celebrated sage and a disciple of Veda Vyasa. He is said to have received the Sama Veda from his Guru Vyasa, and to have been the publisher or teacher of the same. But he is more famous as the founder of the Purva Mimansa philosophy. His 3000 verses sutra is the basic Text of Mimamsa school of thought. Purva Mimansa promotes Karma Marga (the path of performing right duty, worship and sacrifices) and denies freewill. Jaimini authered a text on Jyothisa as, ‘Jaimini Upadesa Sutra’. Sage Jaimini was trampled and killed by wild elephants, at his forest hermitage.


Jaimini wrote a Mahabarat of his own version as, ‘Jaimini Bharth’. There is a beautiful story about him in Purana as how he cleared of some doubt in Mahabharat, from four mystic birds Pingaksh, Vivodh, Suputra, Sumukh living in Vindhya mountains, at the advice of Sage Markandeya. This is the cover story of the famous Purana by name ‘Markandeya Purana’. Devi Bhagavata (Durga Sapthasakhi) is from this Purana.

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