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Citrasena was a Gandharva; he once defeated Duryodhana and caught him as a prisoner.

One another Citrasena also played a role in the life of Arjuna: During the life in the forest, Arjuna meditated on India and was able to visit Indra in Svarga. Indra was very pleased and sent one Gandharva named Citrasena as a companion to Arjuna. Citrasena taught Arjuna music, dance and other arts


Once, during the exile life, Pandavas stayed in Daitya vana; knowing that the Pandavas were put up in Dvaitavana, the Kauravas led by Duryodhana with the army disturbed the animal folk in forest to give some trouble for Pandavas. While Duryodhana and army was camping near a pool, he clashed with a Gandharva called Citrasena, who with a number of his comrades came to the pool for water games, and in the encounter the latter captured Duryodhana as a prisoner. Arjuna intervened and set free Duryodhana and others.

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