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Maharshi Angiras was one of the Manasa Putra of Brahma and composer of some slokas in Rig Veda. Angiras also composed a part of Atharva Veda along with Athervan. Angirasa_Smriti is another work by him.


Some of the most famous and powerful Rik Mantras are composed by him and his decedents. He is considered as the first sacrificer. Mandala 6 of the Rig Veda is attributed to the family of Angirasas. It is said, Angirasa is a common name given to school of thought or decedents of a famous ancestor by the same name. Rig Veda give evidence that there are many seers in Angirasa clan. Navagvas and Dashagvas belong to Angirasa seers. Sage Sumantu was a member of Angirasa family.


Angirasa is a Saptharshi of first manvantara. He was married to Shradha, daughter of Kardama Prajapati and had sons Utathya, Samvart, Brihaspathi in her. According to Bhavishya Purana and Shiv Purana he was also married to Suropa and Brihaspati was born in that relationship. Smriti the daughter of prasuti was also married to Angerasa and the couple got five daughters: Sini, Vali, Kuhu, Raka and Anumati

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