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Agnivesa was an expert in Ayurveda, preparing Chemical compounds and War related technology. The scientific discovery on medicine by great Rigvedic Rishi Atreya would have been lost if his student Agnivesa would not have codified it. The treatise written by Agnivesa is the basis for Charaka to write the famous work Charaka Samhita, the greatest work on science of Kaya-Cikitsa. The Work by Agnivesa is called Agnivesa Tantra, it is probably the earlist work on medicine. It has 1200 verses and is frequently referred in Charaka Samhita but the original work is not available now. Agnivesa is also said to be a student of Bharadvaja and Agastya. From Bharadwaja he learned Ayurveda and from Agastya he learned the technology behind warfare. He also contributed a Kalpa sutra for Krisna Yajurveda.


Mahabharatha record Agnivesha as Guru of Dronacharya.

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