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Baradwaja is a Saptharshi and auther of many mantras of Rik Veda. His Vedic mantras were placed in the sixth Mandala of the Rig Veda by Veda Vyasa. He is regarded as son of Brihaspati and grandson of Angirasa. He was a disciple of Gauthama Maharshi as well as of Valmiki. Baradwaja was a firsthand witness to the cruel death of Kraucha birds that inspired Adikavi Valmiki to write Ramayana. He was a grammarian before Panini and Panini have quoted him in his work. A Dharmasutra and Srautasutra were also written by Bharadwaja.

Charaka Samhita in its first stanza says the science has been brought down to mankind by Sage Baradwaja. Though Susrutha samhita and Kasyapa samhita donot support this view sage Bharadwaja is considered as father of Ayurveda. Charaka samhita is fully on medicine as compare to the other two important texts which give more importance to surgery, paediatry and obstetrics. Charaka learned this science directly from Indra. The Harivamsa(ch:21) describe Bharadvaja as the teacher of medicine to Kasiraja (an incarnation of Dhanvantari). He wrote a book on Science of Aircract and its flying. This is a wonderful work though the technique of flying used in the olden time is known. Some scientists are of opinion that Early Indians might have made use of earth magnetic force to fly an aircraft.


The 6th mandala of Rig Veda is by the family and disciples of Bharadvaja. The most famous rishi in this lineage is Bharadvaja Barhaspatyah. He composed 60 of 75 suktas in 6th Mandala. The other rishis in the lineage are:

Suhotrah Bharadvajah R.V. (31-32)

Sunahotrah Bharadvajah R.V. (33-34)

Narah Bharadvajah R.V. (35-36)

Shamyuh Bharadvajah R.V. (44-46, 48)

Gargah Bharadvajah R.V. (47)

Rjishva Bharadvajah R.V. (49-52)

Bharadvajah is the composer or ‘brhat Sama’ which is one of the best of Sama veda melodies. Aitareya Brahmana declare that the brht saman is important for developing the powers of governance and protection of kingdom which is the task of the Kshatriya.


According to Vishnupurana and Mahabharata he was son of Brihaspati in Mamata. The Marut Devatas found sage Bharadwaja as a child near Ganga river, raised him and taught him about the Vedas. He was adopted by King Paurva, the son of Bharatha and raised him to become the king. But he chose an ascetic life and married Suseela. The famous sage Garga who wrote some part of Atherva Veda is his son. Dronacharya was born as a result of his attraction to an Apsara called, Ghrtaci. Devavarnini was Sage Bharadwaja's daughter. She was married to Visravas and was the mother of Kubera. Yavakrida was another son of Sage Bharadwaja.

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