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Maya is a kind of metaphysical ignorance by which one does not understand the real nature of universe as Brahman. The phenomenal world (Prakriti) is only a projection of the fundamental Truth (Purusha) is a fundamental argument in Hindu philosophy. By Maya (the illusion) the reality is not evident to us. The metaphysical non-duel Brahman through its concealing power ( avarana sakti ) projects the universe of multiplicity through its projecting power ( vikshepa sakti ) and makes us see an illusory world.

To the Advaita philosophers, the world is pure illusion and has no existence of its own. Bahmati in his interpretation to Brahmasutra takes extreme position and argue that word is a false projection just like one mistaking a rope for a snake. Focusing on the Mayavada of Bahmati and later advaita philosophers the Hinduism is expressed as other worldly by some western scholars. But, it is very evident that Hinduism is not other worldly; the Karma theory fixes the full responsibility on the individual for everything done on this world. Total denial of phenomenal world only dents the logic behind the Karma and rebirth. So the arguments which deny the phenomenal world by some philosophers are not in coherent with the basic ethos of Hindu Philosophy and religion.

Only a realized person can claim the world to be a Maya. Sankara used the word Maya only a handful of times; in Brahmasutra bhasya he used it only three times. The raju sarpa analogy of Bhamati was very easy to understand and that irresponsible analogy had spoiled the situation.


To consider the phenomenal world as fully real is an avidya as there is a deeper reality exists. Maya is the Sakti, or the dynamic aspect of the ultimate reality, Brahman. Prakriti has no existence without Purusha, but Purusha cannot act without Prakriti which is its dynamic aspect. But, only a realized person can claim the world to be a Maya. Upanishad confirms the world as maya only when the sadaka is about to realize the Ultimate reality as Brahman.


To Purana the world is created by Lord by his Yogamaya. BG (7.25) upholds this position.

Maya is also the veiling and the projecting power of the Brahman; without the power of Cosmic Illusion, the Brahman cannot express itself in this world. Time and Space are created by Maya

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