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1. According to Advaita, avidya is the false notion that world is real. It is a kind of metaphysical ignorance due to Maya (illusion). To the other disciples of Vedanta, avidya is the ignorance of the ultimate reality, the Brahman.

2. Avidya as an ordinary word means: opposite of vidya, without knowledge, ignorance, illusion.


Avidya is a term popular in Upanishads and very often used by Vedanta philosophers. By Maya (the illusion) the reality is not evident to us. The metaphysical non-duel Brahman through its concealing power (avarana sakti) and project the universe of multiplicity through its projecting power (vikshepa sakti) makes us see an illusory world.

,b>To the Advaita philosophers the world is pure illusion and it has no existence at all and only Brahman exists. Bahmati in his interpretation to Brahmasutra takes extreme position and argue that word is a false projection just like one mistake a rope as a snake. To the Dvaita philosophers, the world is having a temporal existence though it is doesn’t have an independent existence away from the Brahman.

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