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ब्रह्म सूत्र



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The fundamental treatise on Vedanta philosophy by Badarayana ( Vyasa ) in the form of aphorisms. It had got a total of 555 verses divided into 5 chapters. It is a study of the intuitive knowledge said in Upanishads. As Upanishads are called Vedanta it has got the other names like Vedanta Sutras or Vedanta Darshana. Adi Sankara, Madhvacharya and Ramanuja have interpreted the text to justify their respective brand of philosophy, namely Advata, Dvaita and Visishta Advaita. These interpretations were highly intellectual and influential but very divergent to assert their arguments in favor of their brand of Vedanta philosophy. The famous work called as Bhahmati by Vachaspati mishra is a detailed study on the interpretation of Adi Sankara on Brahmasutra. The other interpretations on Brahmasutra are by Bhaskara, Yadava Prakasha, Nimbarka, Sridhara and Vallabhacharya.

Brahma Sutra along with Bhagavad Gita and principle Upanishads are called Prasthana traya, a concept of propagating Hinduism.

While Badarayana focused on knowledge and Jaimini ‘s concern is about ritual practices. Later these two branches diverge into Jnanakanda and Karma kanda.


The primary object of Upanishad is knowledge of Brahman. The relation between atman and Brahman is discussed in second chapter. Here various philosophers differ in their interpretation. How to learn the spiritual lessons is the subject of study in the third chapter. The benefit of achieving Brahman is discussed in fourth chapter. The last chapter is about a review and revamp of other section.

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