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Meaning of "Sri Sukta>"


Sri Sukta


श्री सूक्त


śrī sūkta

In General

Sri sukta is a vedic sukta with 15 mantra. Sri Sukta is chanted to have good fortune and remove Alakshmi, the bad fortune. Sri is the mother of cosmos of which sun and moon are only a part of its glory. Progeny, money, food, cattle, happiness, peace are all good fortune which nourishes the life and are always welcomed. Sri sukta is also an invocation of the Lord Vishnu through his worldly glory, that is the plenitude. So, by this sukta one surrender before the glory of Ma Lakshmi, to reach the Narayana, the eternal bliss. Sri Sukta: Video read more


Sree Sukta is generally believed as one of the oldest sukta from some of the lost recession of R.V. ; the sakala recession of R.V. do not have this sukta, but add them as a khila (a supplement to the text). Shree Sukta is found at the end of the fifth mandala and before the commencement of the sixth mandala of rig Veda.

Each mantras have different devata and chandas and viniyoga. The devata are different forms of Agni and Sri Lakshmi. The Rishis are: Ananda, Chikleeta, Kardama, Shreeda and Indira, who are said to be the sons of goddess Lakshmi.

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