सनातन धर्म भूमिका

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The devotional and spiritual songs are called by various names like Sukta, sloka, stoma, Nitha. A verse like this is an expression of the genious and spiritual experience of its writer; a sukta usually contain many couplets and it express a particular thought, a story or an incidence. A sukta can be a full poetry or part of it.


The Vedic hymns rose out ofthe rishis in his deep meditation state as a self expression of his spiritual progress.

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Hiranyagarbha Suktaहिरण्यगर्भ सूक्तhiraṇyagarbha sūktaA prominent creation sukta from Rig Veda(10.121) composed by Rishi Hiranyagarbha Prajapatya....

The translation of 10 mantras of Hiranyagarbha Sukta by Prof R L Kashyap is given below:...

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The Manyusukta is from RV (10.83) and (10.84) and it is about the forces of Mind. The...

The two suktas RV (10.83) and (10.84) are addressed to the deity Manyu. Manyu is...

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Narayana Suktaनारायण सूक्तnārāyana sūktaNarayana sukta is a popular mantra from Mahanarayana Upanishad. To many Veda lovers, it is a daily...

The universe is truly a Devine person having numerous heads and eyes. He is self effulgent and...

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Sree Suktaश्री सूक्तśrī sūktaSee: Sri Sukta Read More
Sri Suktaश्री सूक्तśrī sūktaSri sukta is a vedic sukta with 15 mantra. Sri Sukta is chanted to have good fortune and remove...

Sree Sukta is generally believed as one of the oldest sukta from some of the lost recession of...

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Yamasuktaयम सूक्तyama sūkta

Yamasukta is part of RV (10.14). It comprises of 16 mantras with Yama is the Rishi of...

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