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While during the Vanavasa period of Pandavas, a brahmin complained to them that a deer had accidentally carried away his arani which he badly wanted for doing yajna. The Pandavas went in search, but could not find the aranai or deer anywhere; tired they sat under a tree. Yudhistira sent Nakula to fetch water for them to drink. As he did not return Yudhitira sent his other brothers one after another but none returned. Then Yudhithira himself went in search of his brothers and found their dead body by the side of a beautiful lake. Suddenly a Yaksha appeared before him and told him that the brothers were died for not listening to him and went to straight to lake which actually is his private property.

Then Yaksha demanded Yudhishtira to answer his question such that he can help him.

Few of the questions and answers in the long list of 122 are :

Q: How does a person become a Vedic scholar? By what means does he attain mahath or the great? what is it that helps a man in difficulties? How does a person become wise?

A: A person becomes a Vedic scholar by studying and understanding the spirit of the Vedas. It is by tapas or austerities that one can attain Mahath. It is driti or inner strength that helps man in difficulties. A person becomes wise by serving the elders and superiors.

Q: How can Brahmin attain devatva or godliness? What is the dharma or the conduct that makes them good? What is the common nature of human beings? By what do they become bad?

A: A Brahmin attains devatvam or godliness by a deep study of the Vedas. The dharma that makes them good is tapas or austerity. It is death that is common to all human beings. They become bad by slender.

Q: What is it that is heavier or greater than the earth? What is it that is higher than sky? What is it that is swifter than the wind? What is more numerous than grass?

A: it is one’s mother that is greater than the earth. It is one’s father who is higher than the sky. It is the mind that is swifter than the wind. It is worries that are more numerous than the grass.

Q: what is the greatest wonder in this world?

A: Seeing that every day beings are dying, others who are still living think that they never die. What can be more wonderful than this?

Q: then what is the way?

A: The disputation takes us nowhere. Scriptures teach mutually contradictory things. No single sage has been accepted as the highest authority. Principles of dharma are deeply hidden. Hence that alone is the way which great man tread.

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