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Why Draupadi had five husbands


How did Draupadi became wife of five Pandavas !. Jaimini was in dilama over the dharmic aspect of a wife serving five husbands, so he asked this question to Sage Markendya. The Sage directed Jaimini to four birds who were born in the Mahabharatha battlefield and later preferred their home as Vindyachal to answer this question.

Jaimini appeared before the four birds Pingaksha, Vibodha, Suputra, Sumukha and surprised at their knowledge in Vedas. Jaimini posed his genuine question to the birds.The birds said 'Once Trishira son of Twashta underwent a severe tapas. Frightened by the severe tapas of Trishira, Indra killed him to protect his authority and power. But the sin of killing a Brahmin took away Indra's radiance. Twashta, the divine artisan of Swarga became furious at his son's death. He plucked one strand of hair from his hair-lock and offered it in the sacrificial fire. This resulted into the creation of a formidable and strong demon named Vritrasur. This demon was created with the objective of killing Indra.’

The birds continued, ‘when Vritrasur was born, Indra sent Saptarishis as emissaries to work out a pact with the demon. The Saptarishis effected a friendship between Indra and Vritrasur. But Indra had other plans as well. He took Vritrasur by surprise and killed him. This deceitful action of Indra further enraged the clans of the demons. Soon the atrocities of the demons increased to unbearable limits. Even Prithvi felt unable to bear the burden of their atrocities. She approached the deities and requested them to get her rid of the burden. Thus, to relieve Prithvi of her burden, the deities began to take incarnation on earth. Dharma and Vayu implanted Indra's radiance in the womb of Kunti. This resulted in the birth of Yudhishthir and Bheema. Then Indra himself produced Arjuna from Kunti. Nakul and Sahadev were born because of Indra's radiance implanted by Ashwini kumars in the womb of Madri. Thus all the five Pandavas originated from the same source even though they appeared as distinct entities, whereas Draupadi was none other than Shuchi, the wife of Indra, produced from the altar in Drupad's palace. Thus in human incarnation, although Draupadi got five Pandavas as her husband all of them were part of same divine entity’.

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