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In General

King; One who shines as head of state with power.

Hindu Darmasastras always preferred the rule of a King with council of ministers, Sabha and Samiti to support him.


During the Vedic age king were elected by people and peoples consent is taken before appointment of Yuva Raja who would later assume the seat of king. Atherva Veda(book 6) have many hymns regarding the duties of kings, and governance of a nation. A.V. also have hymns on how a Raja is appointed by common man and displace him for his in efficiency. In Chandogya Upanishad (5.11.5) Aswapathi Kaikeya, an ideal king talks about how he cares about his subjects and dharma.


The ideal king of Indian concept is Rama, who has sacrificed everything he had for the benefit his subjects. Most of the kings in Purana traced their descent to Surya, Chandra, Agani, Soma. There are worst kings as well, Kamsa who killed all the children of a particular age is the best example.

In Santiparva of Mahabaratha, Bhisma gives an account of origin of custom of having King and their selection, duties, responsibilities.

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