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Meaning of "Siva Sutra>"


Siva Sutra


शिवा सूत्र


śiva sūtra

In General

Siva sutra is a Kashmiri Saivite text on Yoga. Siva sutras are considered reveled from Paramasiva to its author Vishnugupta. The date of the text is 8th century A.D. Four commentaries on this book is available.

The Vrtti by unknown author

The Varttika byBhaskara

The Vimarshini by Ksemaraja

The Siva Sutra Varttikam by Varadaraja alias Krsnadasa



Siva sutra come under Agama or Tantra literature. The text is divided into three part. The first part, Sambhavopaya have 22 verses. The nature of reality is explained in this part. The ultimate reality is cit, the non-rational consciousness; it is Siva, the changeless principle behind all temporal changes. Sakti is svabhava of Siva, which create the world. Bhairava consciousness is the will of a yogi.

The second section with 10 verses is called Saktopaya. Here, the yogis are advised to follow Mahasakti mentally, in on order to have the potency of mantra that may prove to be his savior. The third section has 45 verses and is called Anavopaya. This section is for the final preparation of body, mind, prana, intellect for the spiritual practice.

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