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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter11


In General

Vishvarupa Darshana Yoga, the Yoga of The Vision of Cosmic Form

To his wonder Arjuna saw the Lord as creator, sustainer and destroyer. It invoke curiosity but the process of creation is awesome to a common man, hence Arjuna by himself prays to Lord Vishnu to come down to the beautiful form of Sri Krishna. Most parts of the chapter is either spoken by Arjuna or Sanjaya as Bhagvan Krishna was in His all pervasive form.

The first utterance of Bhagavan after the incidence of transfiguration is, ’I am the Kala’, meaning the Time or destroyer of things. Bhagvan reminds the horror as War that is going to follow in a sloka and encourages Arjuna to strike at the enemy forces in the front. Arjuna being realized eternal Nature of Bhagvan, rises from his slumber and prays for forgiveness.

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