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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6


In General

Dhyana Yoga, the Yoga of Meditation

Sri Krishna further clarify us as what he meant by Karma Sanyasa in this chapter. Non performance of work doesn’t make one a Sanyasi or Yogi. ‘Karma’, the performance of duty is an exercise which brings humility; so by being a Karmayogi, one can better concentrate on the path of spirituality. A Karmayogi thus, have very big responsibility as he himself is his greatest friend and foe.

Truly the chapter is named as Dhyana Yoga and this part of Gita give details regarding methods and requirements for meditation. It is very clear that Sri Krishna doesn’t mean to slip into introvert personality but being a balanced personality while practicing spirituality. By steady practice of Yoga in mental and intellectual level, a Karma Yogi can climb the ladder of spirituality and become a Yogi of Meditation and realize Brahman. When Arjuna, gave some apprehension about his ability to do the same then, Sri Krishna out of his compassion gave him a short cut method that is to devote fully, have faith and think of Him, the man standing before him as the Supreme.

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