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The Manyusukta is from RV (10.83) and (10.84) and it is about the forces of Mind. The rishi of the sukta is Manyu Tapasa


The two suktas RV (10.83) and (10.84) are addressed to the deity Manyu. Manyu is connected with Manas, the mind. So, the usual translation of Manyu as wrath is only one aspect of Mind. Mand has many functions and many forces are required for the proper working of mind; Mind has its own force and it is called by Manyu. It is especially dominant in deity Rudra. That is why in the Namka hymn beginning with the mantra ‘Namaste rudra manyave’ (surrender to Rudra, the power of thinking or passion)

Even in everyday life, the feeling of intense anger in certain situations makes us achieve things, thought to be impossible. It is usually termed as ‘righteous wrath’. Manyu is the pure state possible only for the deities. Its main purpose is to remove the fear in us which is the source of many of our fears. It should not be compared with Krodha (selfish anger) which play in the lower relem along with jelosey, greed and delusion.

The twe manyu suktas are also used in the invocation of the deity Narasimha , the angry god in the form of lion.

The first of the 7 mantra of RV (10.83):

O Manyu, whoeverworship you, killer with Vajra enjoys all the strengths, vigor and nourishment all the times. Yoked to you, may we overcome the dasyu foe and their followers, by your forceful actions, strength and capacity to overcome the foes

The last of the 7 mantra of RV (10.84):

May Varuna and Manyu bestow upon us, wealth of both kinds, brought together and united. May our enemies, bearing fear in their hearts, flee away, one and all, completely vanquished.

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