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The couch of Sri Krishna is called Panchajanya.


Sri Krishna and Balabadra was sent to the Ashrama of Guru Sandipani for education by their father Vasudeva. After completing the studies in Vedas, 64 arts and Dhanurvidya the guru demanded Krishnan and Rama to bring back his son drowned in Prabhasatirtha as Gurudaksina (Preceptor's fees). Accordingly Rama and Krsna went in their chariot to Varuna at the sea coast. Varuna told them that it was the Asura called Pancajana, who lived in the sea in the form of a conch, who had killed their preceptor's son. Sri Krishna entered the sea and killed the Asura. But, the child was not to be seen inside the conch. Blowing this conch, which in later years became famous as Pancajanya, Rama and Krishna went to Yama's abode, who on being told about the object of their visit returned the child to Rama and Krishna. They presented the child to their preceptor. He blessed them and they returned to Mathurapuri.

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