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Maruta is a Vedic God. Marutas are the 49 sons born of Kashyapa in his wife Diti. The number of Marutas vary from Purana to Purana.


The thought that bring power of will and vital force to act for destruction of old form is personified as a Vedic god, Maruta. Power of thought which by its strong motion breakdown what is established and evident for the emergence of a set of new formation.

They are like right thinking sages; He sees with a thousand eyes; the playful children that have perfect mothers. Maruts are also called as children of Rudra


Diti being painful at the death of her sons Hiranyakasha and Hiranyakashibu started a penance to have a powerful son who can take revenge on Indra, the king of devas. She got pregnant and this alarmed the Devas. Indra visited his younger sister of his mother in a guise to help her. Diti welcomed Indra as she was confident of the protective boon she got from her husband Kashyapa. But, Kashyapa had imposed a long list of condition for Diti to observe during her pregnant days. Some of them were: Do not injure any creature; do not curse; do not tell lies; do not cut nails or hair; do not touch any unclean object; do not get angry ; do not speak to wicked people; do not wear soiled clothes; do not wear garlands used by others; do not eat what is left over by another. Somehow Diti fell short of the condition and Indra manipulated the situation and cut the fetus of Diti to 49 pieces. When Diti gave birth to the children all of them become supporters of Indra and not against Devas as expected by Diti. These children were came to be known as Marutas.

Associates of Rudra


VmP ; RV (10.78)

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