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Story of Dhruva


Dhruva was son of King Uttanapada and Suneeti. The king had another wife, Suruchi and a son Uttama in her. The King was more fond of Suruchi and Uttama. One day moving on the royal court, Druva found Uttama sitting on the fathers lap on the throne. The five year old Dhruva made an attempt to climp into the lap of King who was sitting in the throne. Suruchi scolded Dhruva and Uttama pulled him down. Druva was very much hurt by the incidence and went straight to his mother with a complaint. His mother Suneethi was helpless, she only advised him to pray to lord Vishnu. The boy fully accepted the advice.

With firm determination Druva left house. He met Narada on the way to forest. From Narada and other sages in the forest he learned various lessons on becoming a Bhakta and a Yogi. Dhruva practiced spirituality in a determined way and did not taken care of his body. He chanted the mantra, “OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” , received from Narada. Many days passed and this only made his penance more strict and severe. The Gods at Heaven began jealous of him and they feared they may lose their position by the divinity Druva acquire by his Tapas. So they tried their best to frighten him with wild animals and demons. When that failed they tried to lure him with Apsaraus. But nothing has any effect on Druva. So they went to Lord Vishnu and conveyed their anxiety. Lord Vishnu pacified them knowing that Druva is a Bhakta of rare kind.

One fine day Lord Vishnu appeared before Druva and offered him any boon he want. Druva doesn’t know what to tell the Lord; as a real Bhakta he wanted only Bhakti as a reward and he expressed that to Lord Vishnu. But Lord Vishnu insisted and gave him lot of boon and blessed him. He was then royally welcomed at palace. His father repented and crowned him as King.

Dhruva was a successful king who ruled the country in the most honest way. Dhruva was married to Bhrami, daughter of Sisumara Prajapathi and had two sons and a daughter called Ila. When he reached the old age, he left the palace for Bhadrikashrama in Himalaya and became a hermit. The Lord Vishnu blessed him with the eternal existence and glory as the Pole Star

The story of Dhruva's life is often told to children as an example for perseverance, devotion, steadfastness and fearlessness.

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