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The birth of Pradyumna


The holy wedding of Krishna and Rukmini took place at Dwaraka with great pomp and in the presence of the parents, Balarama, Rukmini’s father Bhishmaka. Krishna and Rukmini had a good time henceforth and Rukmini gave birth to Pradyumna in due course; But the child Pradyumna was kidnapped on the sixth day of his birth by Shambharasura. Having realized that boy was Krishna’s son, he threw the child in the Sea and a fat fish ate up the child. A fisherman netted the fish and gifted it to Shambharasura.

The Asura sent the fishes to the Kitchen where a house maid called Mayavati who cut the fat fish found to her great surprise a cute child and wondered as to a child got into the fish!

Narada Maharshi appeared before Mayavati and told her that the boy is Paramatma son of Shri Krishna and Devi Rukmini. Mayavati brought up the child with intense care and as he grew up fell in love with him. On coming to know the past, Pradyumna killed the Asura and reunited with his parents Krishna and Rukmini.

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