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One of 12 Aditya, son of Devmata Aditi. Vedas refer surya(Sun) as Mitra. Vivaswan is another name for Surya Deva. Vaivaswatha Manu is his Son


There are 120 suktas in Rigveda for the deity Surya. Surya is the Godhead of the supreme Truth and Knowledge. His rays are the light emanating from that supreme Truth and Knowledge. He is in the Sunworld or Vijnanamaya loka or supermind of Aurobindo philosophy

The name Savitri is used while mantras are for the active aspect of Surya. Similarly He is Twashtri, the fashioner of things and Pushan, the increaser of spiritual wealth

Four powers of Surya: Varuna, a vast purity and clear wideness distructive of allsin and crooked falsehood; Mitra, a luminous power of love and comprehension leading and forming into harmony all our thoughtsm acts and impulses; Aryaman, an immortal puissance of cleardiscerning aspiration and endeavour; Bhaga, a happy spontaneity of right enjoyment of all things dispelling the evil dream of sin and error and suffering.

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