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Meaning of "Narayana Sukta>"


Narayana Sukta


नारायण सूक्त


nārāyana sūkta

In General

Narayana sukta is a popular mantra from Mahanarayana Upanishad. To many Veda lovers, it is a daily chanting mantra during the sandya vandana. It has got 12 mantras and two supplementary mantras. Narayana sukta form the 13th anuvaka of T.A. It describes the greatness of Narayana, the supreme god and how to meditate on him in ones heart. Many of its mantra is similar to those of Purusha sukta.


The universe is truly a Devine person having numerous heads and eyes. He is self effulgent and imperishable. He transcended the universe; He is the refuge of all humanity. He is Lord of this universe. He is supremely worthy of being known. Narayana is the supreme Reality designated as Brahman.

Narayana pervade everywhere, both within and without. One should meditate on the Supreme whose dwelling is in the heart, who is limitless, unchanging, omniscient, the giver of happiness to all, as also the goal of all striving. Like the bud of an inverted lotus heart get seated in the body with arteries and susumna.

A subtle fire light from the centre of the heart and spread all over. Paramatman dwells in the middle of that fire. It is He who becomes Brahma, Siva, Indra and Akshara. It is He who is the supreme Ruler. He is Rta, Satya, and Brahman. Meditate on him and bow down to Him.

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