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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 8


In General

Akshara Brahman Yoga, the Yoga of the Imperishable Absolute

The chapter open with the question by Arjuna as what is meant by eternal, Adyatman, Karma, Adibhuta and Adidaiva, and Adiyajna. Sri Krishna answers this question in the Advaitic way of thought. The indestructible supreme is Brahman, The same as Atman dwelling in jiva, the self is Adyatman. The creative force that bring being into existence is called Karma. That which underlies all created things is Adhibhuta. Adidaiva is the presiding power of Devas. Adiyajna is the Lord of Sacrifice.

Then Sri Krishna describes the nature of an ideal Yogi who meditate upon Nirguna Parabrahman. The working of Karma chakra is independent of Gods intervention, but to stop the cycle of Karma-Rebirth disciplined spiritual life and grace of God is required. Some tricks in meditation, creation of the world and the like were also touched upon in this chapter.

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